Tomateros App

In 2016, we began our first integrated stage technology platform for the Tomateros de Culiacán Baseball Club in its new stadium. Its name "Tomateros App", with this project, have raised the experience of the fans and changed the game completely for the operators of the place.
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Real time location & step by step directions! Allow guests to easily explore all that surrounds them and also guide themselves step by step from their current location to the nearest services (restrooms, ATMs, elevators, etc.).
Also, easily locate your seat by entering your ticket details.

Shopping at the reach of your hand! Allow your guests to make purchases from their smartphone, without the need to get out of their seats and miss moments of the show.

Always up-to-date! Follow your team at all times, search from the application, statistics, scores, roster, relevant news, notifications, etc.

Look for points of interest inside the stadium!
Easily locate points of interest within the stadium, such as premises, bathrooms, ATMs, and allow the application to guide you step by step to your destination.

The control in your hands

Keep in control

Create, delete or modify who can sell within your application.

Keep in touch with your users

Send notifications in real time to your users to inform you of news, promotions, results, among other things.

Keep them informed

It informs daily to its users about news in the equipment, events, new hirings, thematic games, among others.

Make contests, to keep your users

Easily create contests for your users, choose the winner and have them answer a question from the application.



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