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Kanav is a Veracruzan company with more than 20 years working in artisanal way the properties of the sea in marine cosmetics such as nacre shell cream, which is a cellular regenerator, the Mexican herbalist, to make relaxing oils and natural tonics in a traditional way free of chemicals.
 In this project we develop your web page with the main purpose of having an internet presence, the content of the site is administrable by the Kanav staff.
In addition to this, the options were generated so that customers could login to a platform and place product orders.

Home Page 
Dynamic home page, with images carousel, general information about the company and featured products.

Product catalog 
Manageable catalog of products, to always keep your customers up to date.

Updated catalog of the training offered.

Create your user profile and you can place product orders from the comfort of your home.



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Email: contact@powesoftec.com
Phone: +52 (667) 713-55-67