Candidat@ de 10

Mexicanos Primero Sinaloa is a citizen, independent and plural initiative that promotes the right of children and young people to quality education in Mexico, through research, dissemination, proposals for cultural change and citizen activation.
In the 2018 elections, they launched the "Candidat @ de 10" platform, which aims to present candidates for political posts with 10 proposals to improve education in Mexico. Through the platform, candidates can commit to fulfilling these commitments if they win.
And society can consult at all times who committed and who are fulfilling their commitments.

What is "Candidat @ de 10"? 
Users and society can inform themselves about the initiative proposed by Mexicanos Primero Sinaloa.

Who have signed? 
It indicates to the citizenship that candidates have already signed the commitment letter and those who have not yet done so. In addition, it is possible to access the letter signed by the candidate.

Easy and intuitive 
The candidates are grouped by categories, for easy reference. 

Secure access  
Candidates can access the platform, to make the acceptance of commitments or upload the signed letter.



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Col. Jorge Almada Culiacan, Sin. México.
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Phone: +52 (667) 713-55-67