About us

We are a company of software development and services, with a focus on enhancing the use of existing technologies, to improve people's experience and facilitate their lives.
We have several alliances that allow us to offer various development services on different platforms, as well as the integration of solutions and projects with our business partners and services, with the intention that you receive turnkey solutions delivery.

Why PowerSoftec?

  • Open the possibilities to new experiences of the customer (engage expirience).
  • At present, 80% of the population has a mobile device.
  • Trend of the millenians and Z generations, use and need for information as well as services in a timely manner.
  • A connection to Wi-Fi will not be enough, nor will it fill your needs for use.
  • Location of sites, purchases, receiving publications and promotions of personal interest.
  • Have relevant information or news of the site or event you attend.
  • Give the site, event or host the possibility to monetize these services, offering a better experience to the attendees, besides offering additional services on site.
  • So our differentiator is the provision of Apps, which allow you to make use of those connections and allow you to make your life easier and more comfortable.


Blvd. Constitución 1061 Pte.
Col. Jorge Almada Culiacan, Sin. México.
C.P. 80200


Email: contact@powesoftec.com
Phone: +52 (667) 713-55-67